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  1. "Teacher of Awesome" t-shirts

  2. Can challenges be played on the computer?

  3. Can I play Kahoot! with others remotely?

  4. Can I play live kahoots in the mobile app?

  5. Can my students play from home?

  6. Can’t sign in, username/password not working

  7. Do I need an account to use the mobile app?

  8. Do players need paid Kahoot! accounts?

  9. Does Kahoot! collect personal info from children

  10. Does Kahoot! meet accessibility standards?

  11. How are challenges played?

  12. How do I add my logo to games?

  13. How do I create a challenge in the mobile app?

  14. How do I create a new kahoot?

  15. How do I create and share a challenge?

  16. How do I delete my account?

  17. How do I find public kahoots or my kahoots?

  18. How do I get reports with results of my challenges?

  19. How do I host a live kahoot in a group setting?

  20. How do I make a Kahoot! account?

  21. How do I play a challenge in the mobile app?

  22. How do I play a kahoot on my own?

  23. How do I play a live kahoot in a group setting?

  24. How do I share a challenge in the mobile app?

  25. How do I transfer my kahoot to my organization?

  26. How does Kahoot! use my email and how do I adjust my email settings?

  27. How does the points system work?

  28. How many questions can I make my kahoots?

  29. How to add/edit a cover image

  30. How to add/edit a video on a question

  31. How to add/edit an image on a question

  32. How to add/edit an intro video

  33. How to adjust a question's time limit

  34. How to cancel or reactivate my premium Kahoot! subscription

  35. How to change my organization name or logos

  36. How to contact the Support Team

  37. How to copy or edit a public/shared kahoot

  38. How to create kahoots in the mobile app

  39. How to create or upgrade a Kahoot! Plus or Kahoot! Pro account

  40. How to delete a kahoot

  41. How to download game results

  42. How to duplicate a kahoot

  43. How to edit a kahoot that's already created

  44. How to favorite a kahoot

  45. How to find a game PIN

  46. How to find endgame reports in the mobile app

  47. How to find good kahoots

  48. How to handle inappropriate nicknames

  49. How to host live kahoots with the mobile app

  50. How to invite or remove trainers

  51. How To Make Kahoots Public/Private

  52. How to play games in the app

  53. How to play multiple kahoots

  54. How to print a kahoot or play Kahoot! offline

  55. How to report a kahoot

  56. How to set correct answers in the create tool

  57. How to share kahoots

  58. How to tag a kahoot

  59. How to turn off points on a question

  60. How to use Kahoot! with mathematics

  61. How to use Kahoot! with PowerPoint/GoogleSheets/Keynote

  62. How to use symbols and other characters

  63. How to view or update billing information

  64. I can't search or share kahoots

  65. I've uploaded my images, but I can't see them!

  66. If disconnected from a game, can I rejoin with my prior score?

  67. Image Guidelines/Tips

  68. Is Kahoot! free? How does Kahoot! make money?

  69. Is the app available for my device?

  70. Is there a character limit on questions and answers?

  71. Is there an app?

  72. Missing a kahoot, or deleted one in error?

  73. Should I favorite or duplicate existing kahoots?

  74. Should I use Kahoot! Plus or Kahoot! Pro?

  75. Some tips for your academic research

  76. What are public profiles?

  77. What are the different kahoot types for?

  78. What are the game modes and game options available in live kahoots?

  79. What are “reports” in my organization’s space?

  80. What browsers work with Kahoot!?

  81. What does it mean to have an "under 16" account?

  82. What internet speed should I have?

  83. What is a Blind kahoot?

  84. What is a Jumble?

  85. What is a “challenge”?

  86. What is Ghost Mode?

  87. What is Kahoot!’s late payment policy?

  88. What is the Highest Climber?

  89. What network security settings does Kahoot! require?

  90. What’s different between admin and trainer roles?

  91. What’s the difference between the basic Kahoot! version and premium versions for businesses?

  92. Who and what is behind Kahoot!

  93. Why am I blocked from entering a game of kahoot (either seeing a loading icon or an error message)?

  94. Why are questions missing from my results?

  95. Why aren't GIFs playing correctly?

  96. Why aren't questions/answers shown on student screens?

  97. Why can't I email my kahoot?

  98. Why can't I export my results to Google Drive on IE?

  99. Why can't I save my kahoot?

  100. Why do I get a blank screen on Internet Explorer?

  101. Why do I see "empty boxes" instead of the special characters?

  102. Why does my phone/tablet disconnect when the screen turns off?

  103. Why is a kahoot locked? How can I unlock it?

  104. Why is my kahoot being moderated?

  105. Why is my Kahoot in "draft" mode, and I can't play it?

  106. Why is there no full screen button in Internet Explorer?

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