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  1. Can I play Kahoot! with people I don't know?

  2. Can my students play from home?

  3. Hosting a kahoot: Game Options Explained

  4. How can I let my child use Kahoot! without being exposed to other users?

  5. How can I preview/play a kahoot alone?

  6. How can I sign in if I forgot my password?

  7. How do I delete my account?

  8. How do I make a Kahoot! account?

  9. How does the points system work?

  10. How many can play a kahoot at once, and what bandwidth is required?

  11. How many questions can I make my kahoots?

  12. How to add/edit a cover image

  13. How to add/edit a video on a question

  14. How to add/edit an image on a question

  15. How to add/edit an intro video

  16. How to adjust a question's time limit

  17. How to contact the Support Team

  18. How to copy or edit a public/shared kahoot

  19. How to delete a kahoot

  20. How to download game results

  21. How to duplicate a kahoot

  22. How to edit a kahoot that's already created

  23. How to find a game PIN

  24. How to handle inappropriate nicknames

  25. How to host and play a kahoot

  26. How to make a kahoot

  27. How To Make Kahoots Public/Private

  28. How to play multiple kahoots

  29. How to print a kahoot

  30. How to report a kahoot

  31. How to save a kahoot

  32. How to search for kahoots

  33. How to set correct answers in the create tool

  34. How to share kahoots

  35. How to tag a kahoot

  36. How to turn off points on a question

  37. How to use Kahoot! with mathematics

  38. How to use Kahoot! with PowerPoint/GoogleSheets/Keynote

  39. How to use symbols and other characters

  40. I can't search or share kahoots

  41. I've uploaded my images, but I can't see them!

  42. If disconnected from a game, can I rejoin with my prior score?

  43. Image Guidelines/Tips

  44. Is Kahoot! a social media tool?

  45. Is Kahoot! ADA compliant?

  46. Is Kahoot! free?

  47. Is my browser/device suitable to host or play a kahoot?

  48. Is my network/bandwidth suitable to host or play a kahoot?

  49. Is there a character limit on questions and answers?

  50. Is there an app?

  51. My kahoot is missing or was deleted

  52. PD Resources for Training/Event with Kahoot!

  53. Some tips for your academic research

  54. T-shirts & stickers

  55. What are favourites and how do I use them?

  56. What are public profiles?

  57. What are the different kahoot types for?

  58. What does it mean to have an "under 16" account?

  59. What is a Blind kahoot?

  60. What is a Jumble?

  61. What is Ghost Mode?

  62. What is the Highest Climber?

  63. What network configurations do I need to ensure Kahoot! can be used in my venue?

  64. Who and what is behind Kahoot!

  65. Why am I blocked from entering a game of kahoot (either seeing a loading icon or an error message)?

  66. Why are questions missing from my results?

  67. Why aren't GIFs playing correctly?

  68. Why aren't questions/answers shown on student screens?

  69. Why can't I email my kahoot?

  70. Why can't I export my results to Google Drive on IE?

  71. Why can't I save my kahoot?

  72. Why do I get a blank screen on Internet Explorer?

  73. Why do I see "empty boxes" instead of the special characters?

  74. Why does my phone/tablet disconnect when the screen turns off?

  75. Why is an email required to sign up?

  76. Why is my Kahoot in "draft" mode, and I can't play it?

  77. Why is there no full screen button in Internet Explorer?

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