How does Kahoot! use my email and how do I adjust my email settings?

Your email may be used in alignment with our Privacy Policy. This includes password resets and marketing emails with relevant information about Kahoot!.

Email addresses for U.S. students under 13 (under 16 elsewhere)
Emails on young student accounts are hashed beyond recognition and can only be used for password resets. They cannot be accessed or used for any other reason.

The email you provide must be owned or accessible by you or a legal guardian
Your email address is the only information we collect that will help us know what account you rightfully own. For your security, we cannot help you from an email that isn’t tied to your account.

The email you provide should allow you or a legal guardian to receive messages from us
If the email you provide us uses heightened security standards, you might not be able to reset your password or see replies to messages you send us while signed in.

How to test your email address
If you’re unsure whether your email can receive our messages, create an account with it to see if you receive our intro email, or submit your email at to see if you receive a password reset email. If either don’t appear in your inbox, please update the email on file.

How to update your email or email preferences
When signed in to your account, click your username to access your account menu.

  • Use “Edit profile” to change your email.
  • Use “Email preferences” to change whether you receive notifications if someone shares a kahoot with you or if we feature one of your kahoots.

Young students don’t have access to either of the above-mentioned options.

How to opt out of marketing emails
If you receive any unwanted email from us, you can use the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the message or sign in to your account and click “Support” to ask that we unsubscribe you.

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