How to add/edit a video on a question

This guide shows where to go to add, replace, or delete a question's video.

Start by choosing to edit your kahoot. Then...

Choose to edit the question you want to edit.

After you do this, you'll see a Media box where you can choose to add an image or a video.

To add a video...

  • Presently, we only host images on our servers.
  • To embed video or music, please find/upload it on YouTube first.
1. Copy the full URL of the video you want to use from YouTube.

2. Choose "Add Video" from the Media box to access the options below and paste the video's URL into the "YouTube link" field.

  • If you just want to play part of the video, set start/end times in seconds only. So if you want a video to end when the video reaches 1:15 (one minute, fifteen seconds), input an end time of 75.
After you've added a video, you can later remove or replace it by revisiting the question editor.

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