How to add/edit an image on a question

This guide shows where to go to add, replace, or delete a question's image.

Start by choosing to edit your kahoot. Then...

Choose to edit the question you want to edit.

After you do this, you'll see a Media box where you can choose to add an image or a video.

To add an image...

Drag an image into the Media box, or use the "Add Image" button inside the box to find one on your device.
  • Images must be stored on your device to be uploaded. It's not possible to upload an image directly from another webpage.
  • If using a camera-enabled phone/tablet, the "Add Image" button may let you take a photo.
  • Be sure that any image you upload follow these guidelines, or they may not upload or display properly.
After you've added an image, you can later remove or replace it by revisiting the question editor.

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