What are public profiles, how do I get one?

Have you recently come across a link to someone's profile?

Or have you noticed that some usernames are purple?

We currently have a closed beta test going on where we've selected a handful of users to trial public profiles. If you find a purple username, click it to view their profile!

  • Profiles will give quick access to all kahoots a user made. You'll see their avatar, a short bio about them, and how many players have played their kahoots.
  • Some features are only functional to those in the beta test (such as the "Follow" button).
To get a public profile, find a user's profile and click the "Join the waiting list" button at the top of their profile. When we're ready to add more users to our test, we'll review the waiting list. We'd greatly appreciate your patience as we role this out! You'll receive an email with more details once you've officially been enrolled.

Lastly, public profiles are only for users 17 or older. If you are 16 or under, you will not be able to create or view public profiles.

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