How do I host a live kahoot in a group setting?

A live kahoot is a great way to engage any audience, regardless of their age, with any topic you want to discuss or teach. Here’s what you need to know about hosting.

How to host

If you’ve already gone to and logged in to your account, use the “Play” button for the kahoot you want to host. Then follow these 5 steps:

1. Adjust game options to your preferences, then choose “Classic” or “Team” mode.

2. Instruct everyone to follow on screen directions to join. Once they have, click “Start”.

3. Use the “next” button or spacebar on your keyboard to progress through the game.

4. At the end, celebrate the top scorers before you “get results”.

5. Players can rate the experience, and you can save results.

You can also watch this short video tutorial on how to host a live kahoot:

Tips on preparation
In order for the experience to be spectacular, there are a few things you can do in advance.

Since Kahoot! is an internet-based service, connectivity is crucial to a successful event. Here are some things you might want to check days/weeks prior to any planned large events:

You can create your own kahoots to use, or save time by using existing public kahoots shared on the platform. If you choose to play a kahoot created by someone else, the best way to review questions, accuracy of info and relevance for your audience is by using our “preview” feature.

Practice to make perfect
Between questions, you can take time to discuss responses with your audience. It might be worth brainstorming about additional info to share during these moments to enhance learning.

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