How to tag a kahoot

Tags are extremely useful for two things:
  1. They help others find your kahoot by keywords that may not exist elsewhere in your kahoot
  2. They help you keep things organized on your My Kahoots list

How tags work
In a kahoot's description, any text starting with the hashtag symbol (#) and ending with a space ( ) is considered a tag. When someone searches for a term, kahoots that include an identical tag will be listed higher than if the word simply exists (no # in front).

Note that if using a hashtag before a phrase, the phrase needs to include no spaces. For example, if the phrase is "first grade", the hashtag should be "#firstgrade". Typing "#first grade" will cause the hashtag system to think the tag is simply "#first".

How to add tags
When creating/editing the description of your kahoot, use hashtags within the description box.

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