What is a Blind kahoot?

A powerful way to teach new concepts, the "Blind" kahoot is all about building and reinforcing knowledge brick by brick in a single game.

While many people create and play kahoots for review, formative assessment or to re-energise the class, Blind kahoots are designed to teach new material in an engaging and impactful way, and with lasting effects. Every learner will have a chance to feel success and motivation throughout the game.

The basic structure of a Blind kahoot:

  • Introduce the game to let learners know what to expect, and that it's about learning, not about getting all of the answers right the first time.
  • Use a "Blind" question (a question about something completely new to them) to spark curiosity, so learners are more receptive to the explanation.
  • Explain the answer
  • Reinforce using a series of questions focused solely on what they have just learned
  • Another Blind question prompts learners to actively listen to the explanation - this is a great opportunity to teach subtleties, exceptions to the rule or to build on what they have just learned
  • Reinforce with another series of questions solely about the most recent Blind question
  • Now use Compound Reinforcement to help learners consolidate everything they have learned in the whole kahoot

Here's a great example of a blind kahoot that teaches you all about mitosis!

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