Why can't I save my kahoot?

If you're seeing an error message when you try to save a kahoot that says "contact support", here's a few things to try in order to fix it.

Check the Description

Use the grey pencil button to the right of your kahoot's description.

Once you enter the description section, you shouldn't be able to use the "Ok, go" button without a
more specific error message telling you what to fix. In most cases, the issue is with one of the following:
  • "Description" exceeds the 280 character limit
  • "Credit resources" exceeds the 1000 character limit
  • "Audience" has not been selected
*Please also note to change the Visibility from "Only Me" to "Everyone". If this works, change back to Private once saved.

If that doesn't work...

Check each Question

Use the orange pencil button to the right of each question.

Ensure that you can use the "next" button to get back to the overview page. Similar to the description section, a more specific error message should appear on whichever question(s) has an issue.

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