T-shirts & stickers

We know how much Kahoot!'ers love our t-shirts, stickers and other swag!

Currently, we have a limited stock we can provide to people running Kahoot! trainings, PD sessions, or those speaking about Kahoot! at conferences and events. To request t-shirts, please email hello@getkahoot.com at least a month before the event and provide the following information:
  • Name of the event
  • Date and location of the event
  • If you're promoting the event online, relevant URLs/hashtags/Twitter handles
  • How you plan to use Kahoot! at the event
  • Assortment of t-shirts would you like (S, M, L, XL; 3 max)
  • When you would need to receive a parcel from us (if different from the event date)
  • A shipping/postal address (please use this format “Attn: John Smith, Austin Community College, 1212 Rio Grande St, Austin, TX 78701, USA")
Once we have that info, we’ll respond as soon as possible!

In the meantime, please also check out our free teacher and PD resources at http://getkahoot.com/pd to help make the most out of your Kahoot! session.

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