Why does my phone/tablet disconnect when the screen turns off?

If your device is disconnected whenever you wake up its screen, this may be because the default settings in most mobile phones/tablets/iPads/iPhones have battery-saving features enabled that may cut-off websocket traffic.

What should I do if this happens to my device?

Keep your screen on and unlocked. In many cases, our platform will reconnect your device soon after it "wakes up" (may take up to 2 minutes).

Don't refresh your browser! If you do, you'll have to rejoin and start with 0 points.

Is there a way to avoid this?

You can adjust network settings on your device!

On iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad):
- Open “Settings” > “General”
- Tap “Auto-Lock” and choose “Never”

On Android devices:
- Go to "Settings" > "WiFi".
- Tap on the "Menu" key > "Advanced".
- Tap on "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" and select "Never".

Toggling these features may drain your device's battery more rapidly.
Consider undoing these changes once done playing.

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