How to adjust a question's time limit

By default, players have 20 seconds to submit their answers for each question, but you can easily change the timer settings for any question.

Step 1: Find the kahoot

Once logged into your account, you’ll be at your dashboard

Step 2: Change the question time limit(s)

To the right of each question, you'll see a drop-down menu labelled Time Limit. Click to open the drop down - now you can decrease the time limit to as low as 5 seconds to pick up the pace in the game and reinforce well-known facts, or increase to as long as 120 seconds to allow for critical thinking, working out time or discussion.
  • NOTE: When displaying a YouTube video (instead of an image), the timer doesn't start until after the video has finished playing. You may want to edit the video's start/end times to display only a specific clip, or decrease the question time limit.

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