How to duplicate a kahoot

This guide show you how to copy a kahoot so that you can adapt it for your own learners or audience.

Step 1: Find a kahoot

You can either browse the Public Kahoots list, or search for something specific. You can also find one of your own kahoots under the My Kahoots list.

Step 2: Hover over the kahoot

When you hover over the kahoot in the search results or the public kahoots list, a green Duplicate link should appear.

Step 3: Click “Duplicate”

A fully editable draft copy of the kahoot will now appear in your My Kahoots page.

Step 4: Click “Continue Editing”

You can edit as much or as little as you like to make it your own. You may want to replace images or videos, reword the questions, adjust the timer settings to suit your learners, or even translate the whole kahoot – it’s up to you!

Wait! What about the original creator?

We’re all here to make learning awesome, and that means sharing expertise, knowledge and of course kahoots! When you duplicate a kahoot, we’ll automatically add a little note acknowledging the original creator.

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