What is the Highest Climber?

Spotted a "Highest Climber" message while playing a kahoot? 

The Highest Climber feature is designed to boost motivation by rewarding players outside of the Top 5 who have shown improvement from one question to the next. It isn’t just about being the quickest to click, it’s about understanding the content. Building knowledge, making progress and moving forward. That definitely deserves a reward. or example, if a player has moved from 31st to 27th position, that player gets to see their name in lights on the scoreboard!

How do I turn on Highest Climber?

You don't need to do anything - it's automatic!

Why is the Highest Climber message not always shown?

Our research shows that players feel more motivated and excited about their progress when the Highest Climber messages are shown now and then - when it feels like a nice reward! The Highest Climber needs to be outside of the Top 5 and have moved up at least 3 places in rank, so you're more likely to have a Highest Climber when playing with a large group.

How does it decide when to display a message?

The highest climber feature has a 33% chance of populating if the following conditions are met:
  • the highest climber must be outside of the top 5 leaderboard
  • the highest climber needs to have moved at least 3 positions up
Per those conditions, having a larger group of players will increase your odds of seeing this features. 8 players is the minimum.

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