What are the game modes and game options available in live kahoots?

After you’ve found or created a great kahoot, you can host a live kahoot by using the kahoot’s “Play” button. This will open your kahoot in a new browser tab, starting at a screen where you choose between two game modes to begin the game.

Full screen

On most supported browsers, a “Full Screen” button shows in the top right of the screen that you can use to maximize visibility of your kahoot. This can be toggled throughout gameplay. If using Internet Explorer or Edge browsers, use the F11 key to enter full screen.

Game modes

There are two ways to host a live kahoot: classic mode with each player answering from their own device, or team mode where a group of players share one device to answer.

Classic mode
Each player joins and answers every question individually on their own device, competing for top score against all of their peers. Questions appear for 5 seconds before answers do. After the game, you can download results showing each player’s nickname, final score, and breakdowns for each question in the report.

Team mode
If you want players to share devices, team mode allows players to team up and collaborate. After the question has displayed for 5 seconds, there’s 5 additional seconds of “team talk” time where the question and answers are displayed before the question timer starts. This gives teams time to discuss what the correct answer is. Downloadable results will show you each team name, final scores and breakdowns for each question. Player nicknames are not included.

Game options

Under the mode selector, click on “Game options” to see the full list. These options let you customize the way you play and host kahoots. The settings will be automatically saved for the next games you host.

These options impact the game mechanics of your kahoot.
  • Answer Streak Bonus - Reward player accuracy with bonus points for consecutive correct answers. Get one wrong and the player’s streak is reset.
  • Name generator - Let Kahoot! generate funny and friendly nicknames for players. This will help you avoid inappropriate nicknames in the game.
  • Podium - Increase anticipation and give more players the chance to experience their own epic win by celebrating 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
  • Randomize order of questions - Kahoot! will generate a random sequence to ask questions. This will help when answer order is important to a kahoot’s context and you want to ensure players know your material, not just a pattern to answering.
  • Randomize order of answers - Kahoot! will generate a random sequence to arrange answers. This will help when question order is important to a kahoot’s context and you want to ensure players know your material, not just a pattern to answering.
These options affect how easy it is to join your kahoot.
  • 2 Step Join - adds an extra step when joining a kahoot to help secure the game to only players in the room.
  • Display Game PIN throughout - shows your game PIN at the bottom of your screen so that people can join your kahoot after you’ve started.
  • Show minimized intro instructions - displays your game PIN on the lobby screen in a minimized format, making more room on screen to see everyone’s nicknames as well as any intro video that plays while everyone joins.
These options adjust automation of certain steps.
  • Automatically move through questions - This applies a timer to every screen so that you don’t have to use spacebar or your mouse to progress through the game. It adds a 15 second timer to the lobby screen that starts over every time someone joins, otherwise the kahoot starts if it reaches 0. Mid-game results screens have 5 second timers.
  • Require players to re-join after each kahoot - If you’ve created a playlist or intend to play the same kahoot again, this will disconnect players at the end of your kahoot and force them to rejoin if they want to still participate.

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