Missing a kahoot, or deleted one in error?

Losing your hard work can be big setback! There are currently a few scenarios where you might be able to restore your work.

First, it might be worth reviewing a few key points about how saving works:
  • You can only save from the overview page.
  • Data isn't pushed to our database unless you save.

Restore from your browser cache

If you made a brand new kahoot and it was never saved, there may be some data in your browser's cache you can try to restore. As long as you're on the same phone/tablet/computer and browser you used to create the kahoot, try to make the same exact kahoot. You'll then be asked if you want to restore unsaved data.

This will not happen if:
  • You're on a different device or browser than what you used to create the kahoot.
  • You chose to create a different kahoot-type before restoring this kahoot.
  • You already created another kahoot.
  • You previously chose to "delete" the unsaved kahoot instead of "restore".
  • This kahoot had been saved at least once before.

Request help restoring a deleted kahoot

If you accidentally deleted a kahoot, we might be able to restore up to the last three deleted kahoots. Please know that we cannot see text or media in private kahoots, and we are unable to restore kahoots on accounts for students under 16.

To get our help with this, sign in to your account and use the Support link in your top nav bar

In the "Send us a message" box, get to us as the following details in as descriptive a fashion as you can:
  • username or email for the account it was created on
  • title of the missing kahoot
  • approximate date it was created
  • approximate date it went missing

Then click "Next" > "Skip and send message". Finally, please fill out the additional details to help us respond to you, as well as track prevalence of this issue.

What should I expect?

We'll aim to resolve this as quickly as possible. There's a chance we may not be able to locate enough data to restore your kahoot(s). We'll be sure to keep you informed as we investigate. All-in-all, this process typically takes 1-3 business days.


What if my kahoot was saved before, but I wasn't able to save questions I recently added/edited?

  • Unfortunately, we don't currently have a way to restore questions in this scenario. The best thing to do is avoid major data loss by using the save button after every one or two questions. After using the "save" button, the next screen will let you go back into the create tool. Based on common Europe and U.S. internet connection speeds, this usually only takes about five to ten seconds to ensure your data is saved to our database.

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