How to use Kahoot! with mathematics

You can find mathematical symbols in our rich text editor. It will appear below your answer choice fields when you are creating or editing a kahoot!

If the editor doesn't offer the symbols you need, you can upload an image with the symbols. You can do this through Paint on Windows or Paint 2 on Mac. If you’re missing symbols, please get in touch with us through our support channel and we’ll add them.

If you are looking for creative ways to use math with Kahoot! here are a few suggestions:
  • Break down a long question into four or five parts that dives deep into each step. This can help you identify the parts that your students may be having issues with.
  • Give your students questions in advance (10 minutes or even a day before) so they can have time to study the questions and worry less about the game clock.
  • Instead of doing math problems, quiz your students on what the concepts mean -- hitting on why you use a particular method.
  • Include videos that explain concepts or frame problems. You don’t even have to come up with a question to the video, it’s nice to let the alternative answers be responses like: “I got it!” and “That was difficult” and you can make it a no-points and all answers correct question. It’s powerful to mix such questions with smaller tasks to solve.
  • Set the game clock to 120 seconds and let your students use pen and paper during the game. If you want to give them more time, then add a video from YouTube with some nice work-music. 
  • Use Kahoot! Survey to create games without correct answers and points. Let the students submit their answers, and then have some of them demonstrate or explain why/how they believe that their answer is correct. Then you reveal the correct answer.

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