How does the points system work?

Points are calculated based on speed of answer and each question’s time limit.

Here’s how points are calculated:
  • All questions offer 1000 points if you respond correctly in under 0.5 seconds
  • To calculate points, round ( 1000 * ( 1 - (( [response time] / [question timer] ) / 2 )))
  • Based on this formula, the minimum points you can receive is 500

You can also toggle on a game option called “Answer Streak Bonus” that gives additional points for consecutive correct answers. This is a great way to reduce guessing and encourage critical thinking! This bonus compounds on top of the points system, allowing up to 1500 points per question.

Here’s how Answer Streak Bonus works:
  • Each consecutive answer = +100 pts per answer
  • This will cap on the 5th answer streak, awarding no more than 500 pts per answer after that
  • You lose your streak after an incorrect answer and must build it back up

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