What does it mean to have an "under 16" account?

Anyone 16 or under doesn't have access to the following features:

  • searching or making public kahoots (they can make private kahoots)
  • sharing kahoots or having kahoots shared with them
If any support is needed, they should ask a parent, teacher, or legal guardian to create or sign in to their own Kahoot! account to contact Support on the student’s behalf.

Also, if someone 16 or under is having trouble signing in (or forgets their password), it's important to know two things:
  • Per our Children Privacy Policy, 16 or under users can only use their username (not email) to sign in.
  • The email they register with must be able to receive messages from "noreply@getkahoot.com". If not, an IT Admin will need to make an exception in the email domain's security settings or the child will need a new account with a different username and email created.

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