How to print a kahoot or play Kahoot! offline

This article will give you guidance if you’d like to use a kahoot for handouts - for example, share it with your colleagues or play a quiz offline when you can’t connect to the internet. Kahoot! doesn’t currently have an offline or print version view. But there are some simple actions that will help you create your own “no internet needed” version in little time.

Start by logging in and finding the kahoot you want to use. Then select its image or title to view more details, such as questions and answers. You can show/hide answers just above the image of the first question.

Option 1: Print Screenshots

Take screenshots that you can then print. Let’s describe how to make a screenshot on Windows and Mac:
  • Windows - Press Alt + Print Screen (or Alt + PrtScn) on your keyboard to capture only the active window, or use the snipping tool.
  • Mac - Press Shift + Command + 4 on your keyboard, move your cursor/crosshair to where you want to start the screenshot, then drag-select an area. Once you release your mouse or trackpad, the screenshot will be a .png file on your desktop.

Option 2: Copy/Paste Into A Text Document

  1. Drag-select all questions & answers, then use your browser/device’s ‘copy’ function.
  2. Open a text editor (Word, Pages, etc…) and paste* the text into a document.
  3. Clean up any odd formatting that may occur.
  4. Print your document.
*When pasting text, consider using Ctrl+Shift+V (PC) or Cmd+Shift+V (Mac) to paste “text only”. This can help if text is not copying into your document cleanly.

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