How to turn off points on a question

Points are great when you want to challenge what people know. But sometimes, it's fun to throw in a question where there are no wrong answers. Rather, maybe you want to explain a previous question further and ask opinions, like the two questions in the animated image below:

In situations like this, it might be good to not award points with every question.

If you made a quiz (not a discussion or survey), then each question has at least one answer choice that will award points if a learner chooses it. If you want, you can turn points off for each question individually.

When editing a particular question, there is an “Award points” toggle that you can click to turn points on/off.

When toggled on (YES is green)
Answers with green checkmarks next to them will award points.

When toggled off (NO is black)
Answers with green checkmarks next to them will only display a ‘correct!’ message on learner devices. No points will be awarded.

When toggled off, consider marking all answers as "correct" so that no one's device tells them they're wrong.

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