How to edit a kahoot that's already created

This article explains how to get into the create tool to edit an existing kahoot.

Step 1: Find the kahoot
  • If you want to edit someone else’s kahoot, you’ll need to first make a copy of it
  • If you want to edit your own kahoot, find it on your “My Kahoots” page

Step 2: Find the edit link
  • The ‘edit’ link will be next-to or under each kahoot’s title
  • On devices with mouse/keyboard inputs, this will be hidden until you hover your cursor over the kahoot

Step 3: Edit your kahoot

Below are details on numbered section shown in the image above:
  1. Exit Button - exit the create tool without saving
  2. Save Button - save and exit the create tool
  3. Edit Description Button - edit the description text/tags, cover image, and intro video
  4. Question Handle - drag the handle up/down to reorder the question
  5. Time Limit - quickly adjust the question's time limit
  6. Edit Question Buttons - edit, duplicate, or trash the question
  7. Add Question Button - add a new question

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