Should I favorite or duplicate existing kahoots?

There are millions of public kahoots created by our awesome community on the platform. Favoriting and duplicating are both great ways to have easy access to kahoots created by others that you find. If you’re wondering which of these features is best for your needs, read further to find out what the difference between the two is.

When you find a great kahoot, are happy to use it as it is, and are interested to see any updates the creator makes in the future to it, add the kahoot to your list of favorites. But be mindful that if the creator deletes their kahoot, it will no longer be in your list of favorites.

If you find a kahoot that’s mostly great but needs a few tweaks, for example, to match your curriculum or personalize some of the questions, use the duplicate feature to create an editable copy of your own. Since this kahoot is now saved on the list of your own kahoots, future edits by the original creator will not impact your duplicate.

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