How to handle inappropriate nicknames

As part of our commitment to keep Kahoot! safe and enjoyable for all, we’ve implemented two measures to address inappropriate names.

Nickname Filter
We carefully maintain a list of words deemed universally inappropriate. Whenever someone joins a kahoot, this list is checked to ensure their desired nickname is ok for use. If it isn’t, their nickname with automatically be changed to something benign. So if you have a cluster of learners joining with nicknames like “router”, this filter may be why.

Note that this system isn’t perfect. If you have a learner using, say, their name and a portion of their name contains an inappropriate word, their nickname will be changed. If this happens, login to your account and use the “Support” link in the top nav bar to send us a message requesting to whitelist a specific nickname.

Also, if you feel that our filter failed to catch something universally offensive, please use the “Support” link in the top nav bar to send us a message requesting to blacklist the specific nickname.

Manual ‘kick’ feature
When inappropriate nicknames manage to get through our filter, you can click the nickname to kick that learner out of the game. Their screen will turn red until they manage to log back in. So if you want to identify who it was, click-to-kick the nickname and check everyone’s screen. The learner with a red screen is the one you just kicked. Even if they refresh their browser, the red screen will still appear.

‘Enable 2 Step Join’ Game Option
If you have reason to suspect that someone is sharing your game PINs with others that shouldn’t be joining, enable this game option on the Game Options screen (where you choose between Classic or Team mode). Doing so will require players to enter a game PIN as well as a pattern to join your game. The pattern changes every few seconds, making it harder for players who can’t see your screen. Both the PIN and this changing pattern will be present throughout the game, so your intended players can rejoin at any point.

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