How to download game results

This guide covers the three ways that results can be found and downloaded.

When are results saved to my account?
Results are only saved to your account if you led/hosted the kahoot while logged into your account! This means that if you emailed a share link to someone else, no results will be available to you. Also, if someone was logged into their account when they accessed your kahoot and hosted it, results will be saved to their account, not yours.

What format do results come in?
Results come in Microsoft Excel’s “.xlsx” file format. However you choose to download results, you can do so directly to your device or upload them to Google Drive.

Results allow you to see every student (nickname) and the answer they chose on each question. There are some basic statistics calculated, like total correct answers and score. Besides a general overview, there are also tabs for detailed breakdowns of each question and a tab of "raw data" (intended for building your own custom tables/charts).

How do I download results?

Option 1: At the end of a kahoot
On the last screen of a kahoot session, you’ll be able to download results. If you or the host is not logged into an account, this is the only time results will be unavailable.

Option 2: From your account dashboard
Your dashboard is the screen you land on as soon as you login. Your dashboard gives you quick access to the last 4 kahoots you hosted in the “My Recent Results” section.

Option 3: From your “My Results” page
There are two ways to access this page:
  • In the “My Recent Results” section, click “All results”
  • In the top nav bar, click your username to access your account menu and choose “My Results”

This will take you to your “My Results” page, where you can access results from all kahoots you’ve ever hosted. Results are permanent and cannot be deleted.

From this page, you can also launch a past session in Ghost Mode or send a share link for that session to someone else so that can compete against your class from the past!

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