How to use symbols and other characters

When editing a question or answer, a small toolbar will appear in one corner of the text box. It will allow you to format text as bold, italic, superscript, or subscript. It will also have a Ω button that will open a symbol picker.

The symbol picker allows you to insert symbols without using keyboard shortcuts.

If you don’t find the symbol you need, you can try finding it here. You can click the symbol and choose “copy to clipboard”, then paste the symbol into your question or answer.

What about right-to-left (RTL) languages?
Kahoot! doesn’t yet support RTL language formatting. But here are some tips:
  • Consider typing punctuation marks (., !, ?) before you type your sentence
  • If numerical or Latin symbols are in the middle of your sentence, consider rephrasing so that they appear at the end instead
  • Consider creating an image with your question in it and uploading that to your question
  • Don’t use keyboard shortcuts (like Ctrl + Shift) to change text direction, or you might see ‘<div style=”direction: rtl;”>’ added to your questions and answers

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