Is there a character limit on questions and answers?

Yes, we have a character limit of 95 for questions, and 60 for answers.

The character limits aim to keep questions and answers short and sweet, to help ensure learners are quizzed on core concepts and aren't struggling to understand a question. This could be a major killjoy if your kahoot is perceived as unfairly complex. Complex questions can also degrade the quality of your downloadable results (did they truly not know the answer, or did they not understand the question?).

Despite that, there are definitely reasonable circumstances you might want to create longer and more challenging questions. Since this isn't currently possible, something you can do instead is make a PowerPoint or GoogleSheets presentation where each slide contains a question you want to ask.

Then using your device's screenshot or snipping tool, you can quickly turn the slides into images and upload them to your questions.

Note that images don't show before answer options do. So be sure to extend question time limits accordingly.

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