How do I create a new kahoot?

There’s nothing more rewarding than being the classroom hero that treats everyone to an exciting learning experience! To get started, here are 5 simple steps:

1. Sign up or log in
Go to, and log in to your account or sign up.

2. Pick a game type
Click "New K!" in the top navigation bar and pick a game type. You can choose from:

  • Quiz - a competitive multiple choice question game
  • Jumble - a competitive sorting game where you have to place answers in correct order
  • Survey - a multiple choice game to gather opinions (no points)
  • Discussion - a one question survey
The game type for a kahoot cannot be changed after it’s created.

3. Add details and settings
Once chosen, fill in the details and settings for the kahoot. Optionally, add a video to play in the lobby. Don't forget to add a cover image!

4. Add questions
Set up questions and answers. Adjust time limits and turn points on or off. Add an image or YouTube video to the questions.

On quizzes, you must mark at least one answer correct. Setting more than one answer as correct will allow any correct answer to award points. Players cannot submit more than one answer per question.

5. Save progress
Between adding questions, it’s good to regularly use the "Save" button. This will update our database and give you choices to continue editing, preview, play, or share your newly made kahoot.

When you’re done editing, let's play!

For more tips, ideas and resources on how to use Kahoot!, go to our blog or browse our Library with useful reads.

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