Why aren't questions/answers shown on student screens?

Our core mission is to "make learning awesome". To do that, we believe that we can have the greatest impact by focusing on social learning.

When we designed our layout, we considered and tested many different approaches. It was overwhelmingly clear to us that engagement and learning were diminished when students were fixated on their own devices, largely siloed to their own personal experience.

When students have to look up to see questions and answers on a shared screen or projection in front of the room, they are more aware of each other and the result is often a powerful experience. They cheer and engage in conversation with their classmates around the educational content.

With that said, we understand this setup may not work ideally for everyone. While adding this dynamic to our platform doesn't fit our current development road map, please feel free to add votes and comments to this idea in our suggestion forum. Additionally, if you have other ideas that might suite your needs and fall more inline with our focus on social learning, please be sure to search or add them to our forum.

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