How to share kahoots

Sharing a kahoot with others allows them to access the most current revision of your work!

Based on whether your kahoot is public or private, there are different ways you can share your content.

1- Share privately with other users:

When you have a private kahoot or want to share with another Kahoot! user, ask them for their username and then use the "Share" button!

Start by clicking the blue "Share" button on the kahoot you want to share

This will pop up a sharing form

- First, type a username into the text field
- Then click/tap to select the correct username from the list underneath
- Repeat this to share with up to 10 usernames at once
- Click the "Share" button when you're done

Though this form only handles up to 10 usernames at once, there's no limit on how many users you can share with. Use the form multiple times if you need to share with more than 10.

2- Share publicly on social media, forums, or email:

When you have a public kahoot and want to share through external platforms, use one of these features!

Start by clicking the title or cover image of the kahoot to view a summary page. There, you'll find buttons to share on facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+, and via email. There is also a link you can copy and paste to use in slide decks, websites (even iframes), or other outlets.

While the first option is available whether your kahoot is public or private, the second option is only available if your kahoot is public. If you are 16 or under, neither of these options are available.

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