How to share kahoots

When creating or editing a kahoot, you can choose how it’s accessed by others.

Visible to: only me
Only you can access the kahoot. For all users except child accountholders, you can allow specific users to host as well as duplicate or favorite it.

Visible to: everyone
For all users except child accountholders, your kahoot is accessible to anyone. You can share a link to the kahoot anywhere including text, email, forums, Twitter, or Facebook. Others will be able to host as well as duplicate or favorite it. It can also be found in our Find Kahoots section, which means it can be reported. Please keep it appropriate for all ages!

Visible to: organization
For Kahoot! Plus subscribers only, trainers within your organization can edit and use the kahoot. Once chosen, this option cannot be undone. The kahoot will be owned by the organization and cannot be shared/accessed by others outside the organization. Learn more about this here.

How to share a kahoot

  1. Go to and log in to your account or sign up.
  2. Select the title or cover image of the kahoot you want to use.
  3. Near the play and challenge buttons, use the more options button (three vertical dots)
  4. Choose share.
  5. If visible to: everyone, you’ll see a share link and social media buttons
  6. To share with a specific user, enter their username in the username field, select their username from the autocomplete dropdown, then use the share button. You can enter and select up to 10 usernames before using the share button. To share with more than 10, repeat this process. Once shared with a user, you cannot unshare without deleting the kahoot. You cannot share with child accountholders.

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