Is Kahoot! a social media tool?

Though sharing and playing kahoots offers a great social experience, Kahoot! is not a social media tool.

Our platform provides fun learning experiences in educational systems from kindergarten to universities, as well as businesses. Kahoot! is also played in social settings, such as birthday parties, weddings, and larger events.

Kahoot! allows both leaders and learners to research, create, collaborate and share knowledge. Kahoot! instigates experiences like this and works through mobile devices like this.

The social elements in Kahoot! are key parts of its design. They help encourage sharing and collaboration on Kahoot! games (we call “kahoots”). Our ethos and vision is that people all around the world should share their exceptional content for others to play globally, both in classrooms and beyond. This sharing happens within Kahoot! itself, or on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The internet enables this collaboration, and we're actively encouraging it - however, you don't need to take part, and can use Kahoot! exclusively for your own personal usage by setting your content to private.

To find out more, see our website and our blog.

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