How to find good kahoots

Over 30 million public kahoots have been created by our community. Whether you teach 1st grade, college, or train new hires, it’s very likely you can find pre-made games that suit your needs. To get started, choose “Find Kahoots” in the top navigation bar.


On the Find Kahoots page, we’ve put together some great collections you can peruse through. Feel free to play, favorite, or duplicate anything you find here!

  • Top Picks - kahoots that we've vetted as both appropriate and awesome
  • Trending - kahoots that are growing in popularity
  • Math - kahoots created by our team of mathematicians
  • Science - kahoots created by our team of scientists
  • English (ELA) - kahoots created by our team of English linguists
  • History - kahoots created by our team of historians
  • Popular - kahoots with all-time most plays


Another option is using the search bar near the top of the Find Kahoots page. You can type a keyword for a list of matching kahoots. Or to see a list of kahoots someone’s made, type in their username.

Things to know about searching...

  • You can only see public kahoots. Private kahoots must be shared with you and will be found under “Shared with me” on your My Kahoots page.
  • See “Featured” instead of “Find Kahoots”? Child account holders are not able to search. You can browse “featured” kahoots that we've vetted as both appropriate and awesome.
  • Keyword and username terms are not case-sensitive, but operators are.
  • Filters and sort options display after beneath the search bar AFTER search results appear.


You can filter results by common subjects, as well as grade level, creator’s role, intended audience, kahoot type, and language.

Sort by

There are three sorting options that let you prioritize what is shown at top:

  • Most Relevant - what we think is an ideal mix of factors including popularity and quality.
  • Most Popular - those with the most plays.
  • Highest Quality - this considers many factors (for example, average play time and how many times each kahoot was favorited).


You can use the following to create custom filters within the search bar.

  • AND : finds kahoots that include two keywords/phrases (Ex: math AND science)
  • OR : finds kahoots that include either of two keywords/phrases (Ex: math OR science)
  • * : searches an unlimited number of characters in place of this symbol (Ex: *ath will find "math" as well as "telepath" and “wreath”)

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