How to create kahoots in the mobile app

You can also create kahoots in our mobile app, which allow you, your students, or anyone to create a game on a smartphone or tablet in minutes.

Before you start creating kahoots, be sure to install the Kahoot! Android or iOS mobile app, as well as having a Kahoot! account set up.

How it works

Let’s get to it! Check out our video tutorial on how to create a kahoot in our app.

More of a text person? Here are the instructions:

Step 1: Access the creator tool

Open the Kahoot! app and click Create.

Step 2: Add some general information

  • Title: Even if it’s for your eyes only, you’ll need to give your kahoot a name. 
  • Kahoot Settings: The gear next to the title field allows you to set the kahoot’s language and audience. 
  • Description: Here, you can get more wordy than the title - be sure to add a snappy description with keywords - which you can hashtag! - on your kahoot’s topic, language, grade level, etc.
  • Cover image: This helps give some context to your kahoot, so be sure to pick something attention grabbing! The max resolution allowed is 3264px by 3264px.
  • Visible to: This is where you can tell us if you want to keep your kahoot private, or make it available for others to view. If you are part of a Kahoot! for business account, you can also make your kahoot visible to your team.

Step 3: Add Questions

With these details added, we can get to the heart of every great kahoot: the questions and answers! Click Add question to get started.
  • Tap the three dots in the top right corner to toggle points on/off or delete the question
  • Tap the timer to adjust the question time limit
  • At Tap to add image or video, you can upload images from your device’s gallery or directly from your camera, or embed a YouTube video (start/end times must be in seconds only, not minutes and seconds, e.g. 1:15 should be 75)
  • At Tap to add question, you can type in the question
  • Tap each colored answer tile to add answer options and toggle which answer(s) is correct
  • Tap Question # at the very top to review our Question checklist
  • Tap Add Question to add more
  • Edit existing questions at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap the “<” button to go back to the general details page

Step 4: Save and exit

Once you’ve added all your questions, get back to the general details page and press the Done button in the top-right corner of the screen. Voila, let’s play!

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