How do I play a live kahoot in a group setting?

Live Kahoot!’ing is lots of fun! A live kahoot is best hosted on a large screen (like a projector screen), so that everyone can see the questions.

When the game starts, you’ll see a PIN on the screen. Join by entering the PIN in our iOS/Android mobile app or at in the browser on your internet-enabled device. On the next step, enter your nickname and check if you see it in the game lobby on the shared screen.

After everyone’s entered the game PIN and a nickname, the large screen will display questions, answer options, and any related images/videos. Review them quickly but carefully. Each answer option is inside a box with a specific color and shape that match boxes displayed on your own screen. Use your device to answer!

Quiz, survey, and discussion
Choose the answer from multiple options and select the box of corresponding color and shape on your device before time runs out. Correct answers on quizzes may award points based on your speed of response and consecutive correct responses. Survey and discussion kahoots have no right or wrong answers, thus no points are awarded.

Answer options must be sorted in the correct order. Drag and drop, double tap, or double click blocks on your screen to place them in the correct order. Then use the blue “K!” button at the bottom of your screen to submit your sequence before time runs out. Correct answers may award points based on your quickness and consecutive correct responses.

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