How to cancel or reactivate my premium Kahoot! subscription

If for any reason you want to pause or end your subscription, you can do so from your account menu by selecting your username in the top nav bar and using Billing. Then choose Manage subscription.

This will take you to a secure area where you can view and change payment details.

In the Subscription section, click Cancel Subscription. This will prompt you to confirm cancellation. Premium features will remain accessible to you until the end of your current billing cycle. This does not cancel your Kahoot! account, or delete any content in your secure shared area.

Once the billing cycle ends, kahoots in the secure shared area cannot be accessed. You (the admin) can choose from the Billing area if you want to delete your organization and all its contents. You can also back up kahoots in the secure shared area to your My Kahoots area and download game reports. And if you later decide you want to reactivate your subscription, you can!

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