What are “reports” in my organization’s space?

In a secure shared area, anyone with access can view/edit kahoots, as well as review advanced visual reports from when those kahoots were hosted. To view a report, go to your secure shared area, select Reports, then choose View Results on a session you want to review.

This will display a Summary of how players performed. You can download an Excel report, as well as quickly change to results for a different time this kahoot was hosted.

Under the Summary is a Final Leaderboard. You can quickly see total scores and total correct for each player.

Below the Final Leaderboard is a chart that show Player Progress for the top 10 players.

If players filled out the end game feedback screen before your session ended, the next thing you’ll be able to review is a summary of that Feedback. This can give you insight on if they felt the kahoot was too difficult or easy, or if they favor this style of learning.

The last thing on a report is a list of Questions. Here you can glance at what percent of players answered correctly and what the mean response time was. Hover over the response time graph to see exact seconds.

Click anywhere on a question to see expanded details, such as ratios on how many answered correctly or incorrectly, and how many seconds it took for each response to be submitted.

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