How to invite or remove trainers

At some point, you might need to invite or remove people’s access to your secure shared area. You can do so from your account menu by selecting your username in the top nav bar and using Organization management.

Inviting trainers

To invite trainers, just add their email addresses (separated by commas) in the “Invite Trainers" text box and click Send invite. If you do not have enough licenses subscribed for everyone you invite, you’ll be asked to accept new pricing terms before invites are sent. Any upfront amount will be prorated based on how many days remain in your current billing cycle.

They will receive an email invite with an Accept Invite button valid for 7 days
  • They can create a new account to join with.
  • They can also use an account that hasn’t joined or created another secure shared area.

You can check the status of invited trainers at any point by viewing the list of trainers on the Organization management page.

Removing trainers

To remove a trainer’s access to your secure shared area, find their username in the list of trainers on the Organization management page and use the “remove” button.

  • The trainer’s access will be revoked immediately
  • Kahoots created by them in your secure shared area will remain
  • Subscription dues will be adjusted at the start of your next billing cycle
  • Subscription dues are not prorated for the remainder of your current billing cycle

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