How do I add/remove trainers?

Kahoot! Plus allows you to invite other trainers from your organization to collaborate on kahoots. To manage trainers (invite or remove them from your organization), access your account menu by selecting your username in the top nav bar. Then use “Organization management”.

Adding trainers

To add trainers, just add their email addresses (separated by commas) in the “Team members" text box and click “Send invite”. Everyone should receive an email invitation to your organization with a link they must use to accept. If they don’t already have a Kahoot! Account, they’ll be guided through creating one.

You can check the status of invitations at any point by using the list of trainers below the “Send invite” button. There are three possible statuses:
  • Active - the invitee has joined your organization.
  • Invitation pending - an email has been sent, but the invitee has not yet used the included link to join your organization.
  • Invitation expired - after 7 days, the link in the email invite is no longer valid. Use the “resend invite” to the right of their name to generate a new email, or remove the trainer and re-invite them to get a new email.

Upgrading your subscription with additional licences will result in a prorated charge applied to the account immediately based on the price difference of the updated subscription.

Removing trainers

To remove a trainer from your organization, find their username and use the “remove” button to the right.

Changes will be updated on the next subscription renewal date. Any billing detail changes will be reflected immediately on the customer's account.

Kahoots created by the team members you remove will remain part of your organization area. 

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