How to create or upgrade a Kahoot! Plus or Kahoot! Pro account

Depending on whether you’re new to Kahoot! or already have a free account, here are the steps you need to take to get a premium subscription.

1 - Log in to upgrade or create an account

Already an account holder?
Get started by going to and choose to “Sign in”. You’ll then be taken to our pricing page to choose between Plus and Pro plans.

Not yet an account holder?
If you don’t already have an account, get started by going to and choosing to “Sign up”. When asked how you want to use Kahoot!, choose “At Work”. After completing the standard sign up process, you’ll be taken to our pricing page to choose between Basic, Plus, or Pro options.

2 - Choose a plan

After signing in or creating an account, you’ll need to review available plan and pricing options.

You can continue with the basic services available freely to everyone, or upgrade to Kahoot! Plus or Kahoot! Pro. For pricing purposes, the term “user” includes you (the admin) as well as trainers invited to your secure shared area.

3 - Set up billing

Whether your plan offers a trial period or not, it’s required that you provide a credit card and set up auto-billing.
  • We only accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB cards
  • If your plan offers a trial and you cancel before it’s over, you won’t be charged
  • If you want to make one payment for yourself and trainers you intend to invite, you can adjust the total licenses allocated to your subscription in the Order Summary section.

4 - Set up your secure shared area

These final steps can be skipped for now and adjusted later, but are important in order to take full advantage of the premium features you’ve just unlocked.

The first thing you’ll be guided through is uploading logos.
  • Full color logo: Shows during gameplay on question screens
  • White logo: Shows on the game lobby and post-game screens

The second thing you’ll be guided through is inviting trainers to your secure shared area. Simply input their email addresses separated by commas. If you did not purchase enough licenses in step 3 for everyone you invite, you’ll be asked to accept new pricing terms before invites are sent.

If you chose to upgrade an existing account, the last thing you’ll be guided through is moving kahoots from your My Kahoots area to your secure shared area. Anything you move will no longer be yours alone, and it can’t be transferred back to your My Kahoots area until after you opt to cancel and your subscription expires. Please choose wisely what you want to collaborate with others on and what you want to keep in your My Kahoots area.

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