What’s different between admin and trainer roles?

A core feature of Kahoot! for businesses is collaborating in a secure shared area with your colleagues. The creator of a secure shared area is considered the admin, while anyone the admin invites to this area is considered a trainer.

Admin privileges

Admins must create or upgrade to a premium Kahoot! subscription for businesses. Secure shared areas can only have one admin. Admins have the following powers:
  • Invite and remove trainers from the secure shared area
  • Change the name and logo of the secure shared area
  • Manage billing

Trainer privileges

Trainers can only belong to one secure shared area at a time, as admins cannot invite other admins to their secure shared area. Trainers and admins can do the following:
  • Collaborate on kahoots in the secure shared area
  • Host company’s kahoots live, in-classroom
  • Assign mobile training challenges
  • View advanced visual reports
  • Brand games with the company’s logo
  • Access editable kahoot templates
  • Receive priority help from our Support Team

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