What’s different between admin and team member roles?

A key feature to Kahoot! Plus is having a private organization area where you and your team create and share kahoots. However, there are differences in the privileges users get to modify your organization account.

Admin privileges

As the creator of the organization account, you are the sole admin and will have the following privileges:
  • Have same privileges as team members
  • Can invite/remove others to/from your organization
  • Can change the name and logos for your organization
  • Can change billing info on file

Team member privileges

Trainers and other colleagues you invite become team members in your organization’s account. You and they will have the following privileges:
  • Can create new kahoots for your organization
  • Can edit kahoots created in your organization by others
  • Can host organization’s kahoots
  • Can view advanced reports for games hosted by anyone in your organization
  • Can import personal kahoots to the organization’s area*

*Currently, this is only possible when you first join an organization. In the future, we intend to make this possible after you join as well.

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