What’s the difference between the basic Kahoot! version and premium versions for businesses?

With premium offerings of Kahoot! for businesses - Kahoot! Plus and Kahoot! Pro - corporate trainers, marketers, salespeople and other corporate teams can have a more collaborative, organized, branded game experience compared to Kahoot!’s basic offering targeted for schools and personal use.

Kahoot! Basic

Our free basic version is made for schools and personal use. We want to build a global community of lifelong learners. To do that, we offer at no charge the following superpowers:
  • Create quizzes, jumbles, surveys, and discussions
  • Host live, in-classroom kahoots
  • Share kahoots on social media, or privately to other users
  • Search among millions of ready-to-play public games
  • Download basic game reports

Kahoot! Plus

This premium plan is the best match for internal training, presentations, onboarding and team building. In addition to everything available in the basic Kahoot! version, this premium plan includes several extra features:
  • Brand kahoots with your logo
  • View advanced reports on your games
  • Run self-paced mobile training with our app
  • Collaborate on kahoots with your team in a shared area
  • Get access to editable kahoot templates
  • Help keep Kahoot! free for schools
  • Ad-free experience
  • Priority customer support

Kahoot! Pro

Kahoot! Pro is a premium offering tailored to marketers, salespeople and event managers who would like to play outside their company. For example, to promote their products, showcase the company or run external training. In addition to everything available in Kahoot! basic version and Kahoot! Plus, Kahoot! Pro offers:

Only on Kahoot! Pro: play with customers and partners
Customers, partners, prospects, conference attendees - play Kahoot! to promote your products and services, present your company or make your event stand out. This plan is the best match for marketing and salespeople, event managers and trainers who run sessions externally.

Only on Kahoot! Pro: Dedicated customer success manager
A dedicated success manager will allow customers make the most of the experience by helping onboard Kahoot! successfully, answer any product questions, and making sure customers are getting the best possible return on investment.

To compare pricing for the premium plans, please check our pricing page for up-to-date info.

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