What’s different between Kahoot! and Kahoot! Plus?

If you’re trying to decide which is best for you, here are some things to keep in mind.


Our free version is geared towards use in learning and it’s currently used by millions of educators around the world. We want to help build a global community of lifelong learners. To do that, we offer at no charge the following superpowers:
  • Create engaging learning games: multiple-choice quizzes, answer-sorting jumbles, and surveys
  • Share your kahoots on social media, or with specific users privately
  • Search among 20 million ready-to-play public games
  • Duplicate games and edit them to add a personal touch
  • Host games in group settings - players don’t need an account to join
  • Download game results to Google Drive or to your device in Excel format

Kahoot! Plus

Kahoot! Plus is the premium version of our platform tailored for organizations to use in work settings. In addition to everything available in the free version (and helping us keep Kahoot! free for schools), It gives you access to a private organization area where you can accomplish the following:
  • Invite team members to a private area for your organization
  • Create and edit games collaboratively with team members
  • Brand your team’s games with your own logo
  • See advanced game reports
  • Get access to kahoot examples

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