How to find endgame reports in the mobile app

After a live kahoot has been hosted or a challenge ended, you can access “Reports” in the bottom navigation bar to view performance details. Just tap a report card to view a specific report, then tap the top scorers show at the top to view a full leaderboard and question analysis.


Players will be ranked based on their final score. A status bar next to each player’s nickname shows roughly how many questions they answered, as well as how many were correct (green) and incorrect answers (red).


Tap “Questions” or swipe right-to-left to view a list of questions along with a percent of how many players answered them correctly. Tap on a question to see how many chose each answer.

How to download reports

You can access a downloadable excel report using a web browser on a computer. Log in at and select “Reports” in the top navigation bar.

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