How do I play a challenge in the mobile app?

Challenges are divided across rounds of at least 3 questions. Rounds can be played at leisure without losing progress. The top scorers list between questions reflects performance of other players participating in the challenge.

Challenge can be played by up to 100 players. To play a challenge, players need to install our mobile app for iOS and Android. Currently, challenges cannot be played in a web browser.

How to play a challenge

  1. Install our app on a compatible mobile device
  2. Use a challenge link you received, or open our app and enter the PIN
  3. Accept the challenge
  4. Tap on an unlocked round
  5. Choose a nickname
  6. Start playing!

Players can select a round to review what the questions were and what they responded with. They can also select a question to take a closer look at the images and review correct answers.

Stopped midway and want to continue?

If you close the app and later want to access a challenge, check the “Discover” section and there will be a carousel of “Recently played” kahoots you can tap for game details.

Tapping on a prior game will show you an overview of your performance, including your final score and which questions you answers correct or incorrectly.
  • Tap the top scorers to view a full leaderboard and question stats (for the challenge host only)
  • Tap a completed round to review how you responded
  • Tap an incomplete round to continue playing

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