How to play games in the app

If you’ve decided on a kahoot and want to get a game started, there are a few ways to do this based on who you want playing it and how you want them to participate.

Single Player


Play a challenge with our virtual AI opponents - Robyn, Mal, Nancy, and Shima - for a fun and competitive single player experience! This is perfect for practice, either when you have a test coming up or before hosting a multiplayer game for others.



Share a PIN or challenge link with others to see who can top the leaderboard! Once players complete a challenge, they can repeat the challenge by playing “practice games” against virtual version of others that have completed the challenge. Read more here.

Live Game

No matter where you are, you can spin up a fun trivia game with nothing more than a smartphone or a tablet! And if you have any AirPlay or screen mirroring devices nearby, up the energy by casting your game for everyone to experience. Read more here.

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