Do I need an account to use the mobile app?

You don’t need an account to get started with our iOS and Android app, however, if you do have an account, you’ll get access to some great additional features.

Without an account, you’ll be able to:
  • Join a live kahoot
  • Browse, search, and play any public kahoot
  • Accept and play challenges from others
  • Track medals earned for placing in the top 3

If you sign in to your account, you’ll also be able to:
  • Create challenges
  • Share challenges via text, email, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Classroom
  • Access game results (both live games and challenges)

* You must be at least 13 in the U.S (at least 16 in the rest of the world), to create or share challenges.

To sign in using the mobile app
Use the profile icon at the bottom of the screen (left of the “Enter PIN” button). Then use the “Log in” button.

To sign out or switch accounts
Tap the same profile icon, then use the gear button in the top left to access the “Log out” button.

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