What internet speed should I have?

An internet connection is vital to a game running smoothly. Determining the minimum bandwidth you should have is largely based on the most amount of participants you expect to have at once. Based on past usage, we recommend the following:
  • 20 players / 2 Mbps up & down
  • 50 players / 3 Mbps up & down
  • 100 players / 5 Mbps up & down
  • 500 players / 23 Mbps up & down
  • 1000 players / 45 Mbps up & down
We also recommend the hosting device be connected via ethernet (not wifi) to ensure stability.

More than 1000 participants?

Kahoot allows up to 4000 participants in a single game, but this will likely require a fiber optic internet service to handle the anticipated traffic. To identify the recommended bandwidth for a game with more than 1000 participants, multiply your total number of participants by 0.045. For example, 4000 players x 0.045 = 180 Mbps up & down.

Note that routers sometimes have limits on the max number of devices they’ll handle. We generally recommend asking participants to use their cell data if they have a good signal, leaving wi-fi for those with poor signal. Each answer submitted is roughly 1Kb of data. Someone with a 1Gb data plan could send over a million answers before reaching 1Gb.

It's also important that you host such a game on a laptop or desktop with moderate hardware (like an i5 processor and 8GB RAM). Games are reliant on the hosting device to process responses from players. On a rare occasion, issues in gameplay can be attributed to the hosting device's hardware.

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