What network security settings does Kahoot! require?

Proper network and security settings are important to your safety. But they can sometimes cause hiccups with our services. Below you’ll find useful details for ensuring smooth gameplay on secured networks.


Kahoot! needs access to ports 80 and 443 on these domains:
  • https://create.kahoot.it
  • https://play.kahoot.it
  • https://kahoot.it
  • https://test.kahoot.it
  • https://media.kahoot.it
Kahoot! also requires secure websockets technology, which may cause issues with some proxy servers. You may need to whitelist our websockets URLs in your proxy’s security settings:

SSL is used to encrypt data between devices and servers. Networks that monitor SSL activity sometimes replace our certificates with those of the monitoring service. This can cause authentication errors. The above URLs may need to bypass network monitoring.

Cookies, pixel tags, or similar are used to keep track of progress. These will need to be allowed for our URLs to work properly.

Testing connectivity

You can test to see if Kahoot! can be played on your network at https://test.kahoot.it/. If Websockets is "true" and Log is "Connected", then you shouldn’t need to worry about the requirements above for typical gameplay.

Check out the Security white paper in our library to learn about our approach to security & privacy, as well as all you need to know for IT setup and tips on creating a safe gaming experience.

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